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Release # 1: Tekki Sodan Kata


K'arl is our senior master, trained long time with the best oriental senseis. He practices pure Karate "Kushin Kai". Notice the sobriety of his movements, the traditional costumes he wears and also his face plenty of interior peace. K'arl has been Ärztin's favourite fighter for long time and also a good friend but Could the fierce power of the younger fighthers remove K'arl from his actual place?
It's not gonna be easy! That's for sure.


Height: 6'

Weight: 138 lbs.

Age: 25

eye color: brown

hair: blonde

place of birth: Spain

Very fast and tough, blow mind technique
his weaknes is lack of flexibility

Who is K'arl in real life?
K'arl practiced Karate since he was 8 years old he go black belt in real life. He left Karate five years ago whe he entered the university. "Kushin Kai" is the japanese name of the Karate he did. He studies in the UPC and He is making the final project to become an architect. his main passion -nearly obsession- is his carrer. But Now he considers seriously training again to stay on good shape and make more Releases.
ok pal, that's all he lets me to tell you!

K'arl says
"This Tekki shodan Kata belongs to the superior range ones of Kushin Kai Karate style. It' seems very simple and plain and It's really far away from the moves you see in a MA Movie. Nevertheless this Kata requires a lot of technique and control. It takes place in the same line over the rider position (kiba-dachi) and you're not supposed to move in the vertical axis. Since I left Karate five years ago I am not a good example for showing the great mystique of this Kata. Much less impressive than others but one of my favourites. Martial Arts is not all the time the power and fierce you see! The real spirit of Karate and other MA is looking for yourself and the spirit of things, the minimun effort and the precise movements in which all the power remains.

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