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An introduction to FLU and his members


FLU was founded by Ärztin in September 96. The original Releasin' idea came from LKA team and she decided to make her own releases. A big problem because she does not practice MA. In Spite of she did not surrender and began to look at her phone directory and inmmediately thought in K'arl, since they knew each other since they were 18. Another problem to solve was Art and Computing Stuff, with some phone-calls and help from LKA boys and mainly NÖRBERG the group was founded.
Then Johnny appears in the scene by chance. In a hard party, Nörberg uses to go, and which Ärztin left earlier, the second fighter is recruited.
Many people also help FLU in different ways. To all of them all our love and greetings.

Thanx to :
Silvie: aka Silvana for his cooperation with the camera.
Assasin: for beta testin' of stuff. who visits the page with his brand new 33.6 k modem!
Darklord: for helpin me. And hosting our banners

Other FLU members:
"Matador" George - Celtic Knight - Ewigkeit - O.S.K. - Katja - - Michael - MGP - Markus- and good friends that gave us a lot of ideas and support

FLU at artwork

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Johnny G.:
─. Geld
Our senior master.
Young power.
and her fightin' bussines

─rztin Geld /FluWebmaster

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