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The primary contents of this site are the journals of my grandfather, Harold Abbott Rand Conant [HARC], who spent many years in the Far East. Although they are of particular interest to family members, anyone interested in the history and cultures of Asia, particularly China, will find them of inordinate interest since HARC was widely traveled, took a great interest in the history of the entire region, and, because of his many friendships, had a rather comprehensive understanding of events leading up to the beginnings of World War II.

In fact, both my parents and grandparents, as well as those of my wife's (English) family, have longstanding connections with the Far East, especially China, dating back more than a hundred years. Those who may be interested in these wider connections can click here for a cursory description of those ties.

Others may wish to immediately access HARC's Journals here. I hope the reader will find them to be both fascinating and informative. (Please note that a frames-capable browser is required to view the journals. Links to the latest, downloadable versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are provided on buttons below if needed.)

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