Here is a basic summary of JCF's history, vision, and current activities.

The JET Christian Fellowship was formed in 1988 by a number of Christians on the JET Programme, a Japanese government sponsored teaching programme. CSG was established as a special interest group within the Association for Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme Participants (AJET). The JCF organization is one of a dozen or so special interest groups (SIGs) which are accountable to and supported by (AJET). Most JCF members are current participants in the JET Programme. Some members are former JET participants, private English teachers, and missionaries who are living and working in Japan. JCF has a very diverse membership and is not affiliated with any missionary or para-church organizations. Membership in JCF, which is based on annual dues, is open to all. All JCF staff are volunteers and are in agreement with the
JCF Statement of Faith.

We are what our name suggests: a support group of Christians -joined by our allegiance to a common Lord and (less importantly) to our common experience in Japan. Living and working in Japan entails many kinds of stresses and opportunities. To be a Christian, to be a follower of Jesus Christ here, just as at home, demands community and the support that comes through it. CSG is a means for Christians in Japan to support each other. We aim to build a community that enables us, as Christians living and working in Japan, to be encouraged and strengthened in our faith.


Updated July 15, 2001

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