CSG Tape Library Page 4: Focus on the Family; Sermons: Barnes, Briscoe

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Focus on the Family Dr. Craig Barnes Jill Briscoe
Dr. Daniel Brown Lance Cook Brian Cummins
Grant Edwards Dr. Billy Graham Dr. John MacArthur
Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones Ben Patterson Dr. John Piper
David Reagan Ted S. Rendall Rev. Charles Schuster
Dr. Charles Stanley Dr. Charles Swindoll Joe Wittwer
Mississauga Community Church Our Saviour Evangelical Free Church Wycliffe Independent Church, Sheffield
Rev. W. Jamie KimHope Chapel KaneoheNew Covenant Fellowship Church

Focus on the Family Broadcasts:
Highlights from the Preceding Week
339I. Public Servants
II. & III. When God Doesn't Make Sense
IV. An Inside Look-Distribution Center of Focus on the Family
340I. & II. & III. Preparing for Adulthood
IV. Commentary-Colson
341I. The People Speak Out-Bauer/Davidson
II. Bill Bennett on Current Events
III. School Choice
IV. Commentary-Colson
342I. & II. Reconciled Marriages
III. On the Road Again
IV. Commentary-Colson
343I. Southern Baptist
Out of the Depths-LeClerc
II. Inner vs. Outer Beauty
III. The Struggle Between Good and Evil-Dobson
IV. Commentary-Lesourd
344I. Losing Weight the Right Way-Smith
II. Lessons From our Forest Friends
III. A Message from Dr. Dobson
IV. Protecting our Children-Bauer
345I. Child Pornography Redefined
II. & III. The Stages of A Woman's Life-Lush
IV. An Inside Look-Adventures in Odyssey
346I. Teaching Virtues to Our Children-Bennett
II. Child Pornography Update
III. Materialism in the Home
IV. Commentary-Marshner
347I. Inner vs. Outer Beauty
II. Changed Lives, Inspired Youth
III. Faith Must Be Tough
IV. Commentary-Colson
348I. Recovery From Food Addiction-Sneed
II. The Family Around the World-Bowering
III. Growing as Men of God-Hendricks
IV. Family News in Focus
349I. Faith and Prayer-Huckabee
II. One Courage.../Healing-Carney/Dobson
III. Finding a Healthy Family Perspective-Farrar
IV. Family News in Focus "American Indifference"
Sermons by Dr. Craig Barnes
331Waiting for the Lord
332Rivers in the Desert
333Come to the Banquet
334A Vision of a Gracious Community
334Jesus is in Your Boat
335The Sacred Journey: Leaving Slavery Behind
336A Ministry of Grace: A Vision of God's Word
337Take Heart: He is Calling You
339What Does God Want?
Sermons by Jill Briscoe
398Yet I Will Trust Him
399Running on Empty #1
400Running on Empty #2
401Running on Empty #3

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