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Grant Edwards Dr. Billy Graham Dr. John MacArthur
Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones Ben Patterson Dr. John Piper
David Reagan Ted S. Rendall Rev. Charles Schuster
Dr. Charles Stanley Dr. Charles Swindoll Joe Wittwer
Mississauga Community Church Our Saviour Evangelical Free Church Wycliffe Independent Church, Sheffield
Rev. W. Jamie KimHope Chapel KaneoheNew Covenant Fellowship Church

Sermons by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones
19Noah Believed God
A Christmas Message: "Unto Us a Child is Born" (6 pt series)
51In Darkness a Great Light -- Isaiah 9:2,6a
52His Name Shall Be Called -- Isaiah 9:6b
53Jesus Christ: The Gift of God -- Isaiah 9:6a
54Stirred to the Depths -- Luke 1:46-55
55Fulfilled to the Letter --Luke 1:54-55
56Experienced to the Full -- Luke 1:46-55
Sermons by Ben Patterson
353#1 Best Things in Life are Free
#5 Freedom of Children of God
354#2 Knowledge Too Wonderful
355#3 How Sweet the Sound
356#4 The Gigantic Secret
Sermons by Dr. John Piper
402A: In These Last Days, God Has Spoken by a Son
B: He Made Purification of Sins
403A: He sat Down at the Right Hand of Majesty
B: Infinitely Superior to Angels
404A: The Danger of Drifting from the Word?
B: Spoken, Confirmed, Witnessed--A Great Salvation
405A: Who Rules the World to Come?
B: For Whom Did Jesus Taste Death?
406A: Jesus and the Internet
B: Sustained by Sovereign Grace--Forever
407A: Jesus--Worthy of More Glory than Moses?
B: Do Not Harden Your Heart in the Day of Trouble
408A: Eternal Security is a Community Project?
B: Be Diligent to Enter God's Rest!
409A: The Word of God--Living, Active, Sharp?
B: Draw Near to the Throne of Grace with Confidence
410A: He is the Source of Eternal Salvation for All Who Obey Him?
B: By This Time You Ought to Be Teachers
411A: Let Us Press on to Maturity?
B: When is Saving Repentance Impossible?
412A: The Full Assurance of Hope to the End
B: When Does God Swear?

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