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Sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley
###How the Truth Can Set You Free -- A Guided Growth Series of Eight Tapes
37The Key to Contentment
57The Rewards of Obedience
58Our Missionary Appeal
59The Cost of Compromise
60How to Suffer Successfully
61Confession for Life's Challenge
62Dressed for the Battle
63His Resurrection, Our Insurance
64The Cross, Your Hope. After Death What Then?
65The Key to Contentment Part 1
66The Key to Contentment Part 2
67Bitterness Part 1
68Bitterness Part 2
70Requirements for the Ministry of Intercession
99Can You Trust Your Conscience?
100The Christian's Communication
How to Handle Your Emotions (12 pt series)
71A Look At Our Emotions
72Beginning With a Good Image
73The Ache of Anxiety
74The Longing of Loneliness
75The Feeling of Fear
76The Grindstone of Guilt
77The Acid of Anger
78The Javelin of Jealousy
79The Depths of Depression
80The Reproach of Rejection
81The Lift of Love
82The Calm of Contentment
Forgiveness: God's Grace Demonstrated (9 pt seres)
83Forgiveness - God's Grace Demonstrated
The Foundation of Our Forgiveness
84A Matter of Life and Death
85Our Forgiving Father
86Confession and Our Forgiveness
87Forgiving One Another Part 1
88Forgiving One Another Part 2
89Forgiving One Another Part 3
90Forgiving Ourselves
Learning to Walk by Faith (4 Part Series)
724The Basics of Faith
725What It Means to Believe in Jesus
726The Faith that Waiver
727The Requirements of Faith
Sermons by Dr. Charles Swindoll
###The Qualities of Simple Faith
###A Simple Counter strategy: Shake and Shine
###Simple Instructions on Serious Issues
###Beware! Religious Performance Now Showing
###When Simple Faith Erodes
###If You're Serious about Simple Faith: Stop This
###The Most Powerful of all Four-Letter Words
###Simple Yet Serious Warnings for Complicated Times
###The Simple Secret of an Unsinkable Life
21Coping with Stress
113Obadiah: Strong Warning to the Proud
Speak Lord, I'm Listening (I Samuel 3)
350An Endangered Species
Family Talk: A Charge to the Officers
351What Makes a Rebel Return?
A Hope, A House, A Hymn
352Who Is this Jesus?
Ministering Amidst the Crazies
669A Recipe for Authentic Fellowship: Stir in Some Humility (Luke 22:7-14; John 13:1-17)
Sermons by Joe Wittwer
Mastering Your Money (4 pt series; missing pts 2 & 3)
413Loving Money
416Giving Money
Happiness is a Choice (7 pt series)
4171 -- I choose to trust
4182 -- I choose to be grateful
4193 -- I choose to forgive
4204 -- I choose to be content
4215 -- I choose to live beyond myself
4226 -- I choose to love
4237 -- Hope over uncertainty
The Week That Changed the World (7 pt series)
4301 -- Love and Betrayal
4312 -- Triumph and Confrontation
4323 -- Fruitfulness and Faith
4334 -- Jesus vs. Religion
4345 -- Preparing for the End
4356 -- The Last Night
4367 -- Good Friday
The Partner: How the Holy Spirit Helps You (5 pt series)
4371 -- He Makes Us Like Jesus
4382 -- He Helps Us Pray
4393 -- He Leads Us Through Life
4404 -- He Gifts Us for Service
4415 -- He Empowers Us for Witness
572Who's Number One
573The Real Thing
574Taking God Seriously
575Honor Your Parents
576Your Weekly R&R
577Nice Ways To Murder Others
578How To Maximize Your Sexual Fulfillment
579Respecting Others and Their Property
580Tell the Truth

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