Pooh Corner  

    Hey people!!! Wecome to the one and only page dedicated to the most lovable bear with very little brain!! Winnie-the-Pooh!! I owe all my yen for Pooh to my two delightful cousins Charmaine and Shannah so I dedicate this page to them . I hope you guys like this page.
    My page just consists of pics from  Winnie the Pooh both the original and the Disney version. I am hoping to add some other sections to my page sometime.  I love Pooh  because he is the cutest and most adorable character inthe series. His adventures brinngs enjoyment to those who watch it.
    Lastly and most important of all, Thank  you for viewing my page. I hope that you would come again. Please do sign my guestbook and email me if you wish..
     I got most of these pictures from other websites andfrom all the websites I have gone through I have forgotten where I got some of them. If these pics belong toyou please tell me so I could put the proper acknowledgments. Thank you very much.

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