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Welcome II Sailor Neptune Temple

  • Japanese Name: Kaiou Michiru
  • D.O.B: March 6
  • Blood Type: 0
  • School: Mugen Gakuen High School
  • Favourite Food: ?
  • Lease Favorite Food: ?
  • Hobbies: Playing violin, painting, & swimming
  • Favourite Color: Marine blue
  • Astrological sign: Pisces
  • Favorite Subject: Music
  • Special Powers: Deep Submerge
  • More about Kaiou Michiru
    Sailor Neptune appears at the beginning of Sailor Moon S.

    Michiru's intellect is greatest of her assets. Unlike her partner Haruka, Michiru considers the implications of her actions before going into action. She also has a ver clam personality. She is very skilled at painting, swimming and playing her violin.

    As Sailor Neptune, she is also ver serious, and like Haruka, willing to die for her cause. However, she doesn't want to see Haruka ger hurt, and has often comprimised her position to protect her partner.

    Sailor Neptune carries the second talisman; the Deep Aqua Mirror.

    Special Powers (Sailor Moon S)

    Deep Submerge

    Michiru says this to call up a massive funnel of water, which she can direct at an enemy.

    Sailor's Sound Room

    Sailor Neptune Chat Room 1

    Sailor Neptune Chat Room 2

    Video Room

    Sailor Neptune Gallery

    Teleport Room

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