August 11 , 1999 21:29PM
LANGKAWI, Aug 11 (Bernama) -- Following is the chronology of Azhar's voyage:

Feb 2. - Dr Mahathir flags off Azhar at the Awana Porto Malai.

Feb 4. - Off Sumatera having covered 276 nautical miles.

Feb 5. - making his first waypoint, turning down the west coast of Sumatra, heading towards Australia.

Feb 8. - crossed the Equator.

Feb 9. - Encountered his first hindrance when one of the three spinnakers onboard fell overboard and had to be set loose. Completes 1,0006 nautical miles.

Feb 11. - celebrates 41st birthday in waters off Sumatra. 

Feb.12. - cruises between the Christmas Island and Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean.

Feb 13. Rough weather - unable to e-mail his daily updates - bypassed the two islands. Closer towards the next waypoint to Cape Leeuwin.

Feb 14. Bored at sea, tunes to some music. Logged 1,702 nautical miles.

Feb 15.- Logged 1,859 nautical miles, 1,300 nautical miles more to Cape Leeuwin.

Feb.16 - Picks up distress call from South Pacific yacht. Logged 1,992 nautical miles.

Feb 17.- Climbed up 64-foot mast to check broken shackle. Logged 2,140 nautical miles.

Feb 18. - Zig zags along the Western Australia coast to avoid northwards current.

Feb 19 - Carries out routine daily maintenance work

Feb 20.- Worried about underwater mountains. Rough night at sea.

Feb 25. - Established radio contact with Australian-bound ship.Logged 2,865 nautical miles

Feb 26.- Fixed clothes line inside Jalur Gemilang. Logged 3,097 nautical miles.

March 3 - Bypasses Cape Leeuwin. Enters notorious Southern Ocean.

March 4.- Faces strong winds. Logged 4,019 nautical miles.

March 5.- Rough seas forced Azhar to hand-steer

March 6.- Faced dying winds.

March 7.- Azhar records the company of 10 baby sperm whales. Logged 4,705 nautical miles.

March 8 - Reaches area off South Australia. 

March 10. -Spends some time cleaning up. About 1,000 nautical miles from Snares Islands.

March 14- Bypasses South East Cape of Tasmania. Logged 5,535 nautical miles.

March 18- Battery problem fouls up Jalur Gemilang. Forces Azhar to conserve power usage. Logged 6,293 nautical miles.

March 19. - Bypassses Snares Island. Heads for Cape Horn.

March.20.- Switches on cabin heater as temperature drops. Logged 6,723 nautical miles.

March 23.- Crosses International DateLine at about 2.30 am. Malaysian time

March 24.- Completes one third of his journey after logging more than 7,200 nautical miles.

March 28.- Celebrates Hari Raya Aidil Adha at sea

March 29.- Loses wind generator

March 30.- Jalur Gemilang almost capsizes due to gusts of winds up to 65 nots.

April 6. - Depends on radar to go through the thick fog. Logged 9,622 nautical miles.

April 7. - Sends quick recovery message to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad who was hospitalised due to lung infection. Logs 9,872nm.

April 8. - Chalks up 10,072 nautical miles.

April 9 - Progresses closer to Cape Horn.

April 12 - Jalur Gemilang mast broken due to foul weather.

April 16 - World Sailing Speed Record Council reclassifies Azhar attempt "Round the world single handed" as "Round the world, assisted stops, Eastbound".

April 18 - Azhar becomes the first Malaysian to pass Cape Horn.

April 19 -- Azhar was conferred the "Darjah Paduka Putra Jamalullail which carries the title "Datuk".

April 22 - First press conference by Azhar using the Iridium Satelitte Handphone, 208 nautical miles from the designated stopping point at Falklands.

April 23 -- Azhar's feat has earned him a historic listing in the Malaysia Book of Records.

April 25 - Azhar arrives at Port Stanley, the capital of Falklands, and receives warm welcome from Falklands community.

April 28 - Azhar gets good press in the Falklands.

May 3 - Azhar need RMAF's help to transport yacht's mast. 

May 4 - RMAF plane to transport replacement mast for Jalur Gemilang.

May 6 - Repairs on Jalur Gemilang begins.

May 11 - Jalur Gemilang mast airlift attracts Tahitian media

May 12 - New mast for Jalur Gemilang arrives in the Falklands

May 15 - The installation of the replacement mast begins today.

May 21 - Azhar disturbed by news about stranded Malaysians who delivered the new mast for Jalur Gemilang.

May 26 - Azhar resume his voyage back to Langkawi

May 26 - Dr Mahathir congratulates RMAF crew on successful Falklands mission.

June 06 - Azhar has to keep sharp lookout as JG's radar becomes dysfunctional.

June 7 - Azhar passes Rio de Janeiro

June 08- Azhar sails over Vitorio-Trindade seamount chain in waters off Brazil.

June 10 - Azhar comes across some sharks off Brazil

June 13 - Azhar passes his sixth waypoint, Fernando de Noronha.

June 14 - Azhar heads towards South Africa

June 16 - Azhar reports of hot weather as he heads towards the Cape of Good Hope.

June 18 - Azhar spends some time making fresh water

June 27 - Azhar repairs Jalur Gemilang steering wheel

June 28 - Azhar enters cold area

June 29 - Azhar gets report warning of gale 

July 2 - Azhar crosses Greenwich Meridien

July 5 - Rough seas force Azhar to hand steer ocean racer

July 9 - Azhar passes his last waypoint, Cape of Good Hope. 

July 13 - Azhar sails into unfriendly strong gale as he enters Indian Ocean.

July 15 - Azhar praises Meteorological Services Department for furnishing him with daily weather reports.

July 18 - Azhar longing for home

July 20 - Azhar hopes to reach home in the first week of August.

July 25 - Azhar passes East of Rodriguez Island off Mauritius

July 26 - Azhar receives distress alert about fishing vessel sank off Cape of Good Hope.

July 30 - Azhar clocks fastest run

July 31 - slow progress as Azhar is unable to use the main sail 

Aug 2. - Elaborate welcoming ceremony lined up for Azhar's arrival

Aug.5. - Azhar crosses the Equator

Aug.6. - Azhar's arrival rescheduled to Wednesday

Aug 9. - Azhar passes Sabang in north Sumatra, the final turning point.

Aug. 11 - Historic day for Malaysia as Azhar crosses the finishing line between the Star Cruise jetty coastal area and Pulau Intan Besar to become the first ever person to circumanavigate the globe on a new East-West-East route and the first Malaysian to sail solo around the world. -- BERNAMA

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