Have you ever loved someone so desperately;you felt you couldn't live without him/her? I guess many of you would say "No". If you want to feel,just taste what the desperate love is like, you must read Minami Ozaki san's Zetsuai 1989 and its sequel Bronze. Minami Ozaki san is known as Queen of Dojinshi; actually I've read her slam dunk dojinshi before, but that was the only her dojinshi I've read so far. In Zetsuai 1989/Bronze, you'll see the two main characters as Izumi Takuto(haha, Izumi's kinda popular name!) and Kouji Nanzo. These two are the couple, who falls in love that is named to be "Desperate Love". When I first read this series, I thought it was too one-sided love. Kouji was the one, who always express his feeling toward Izumi, and Izumi tried to ignore his true feeling and denied it. However, later on in the story, Izumi surrendered and accepted the truth that he was in love with Kouji...what a sweet moment! Ok, this sounds not like desperate love, but through their fragil relationship, they experienced so many harships. Izumi even got raped by Kouji's possessive brother(T_T) Well, but their desperate love was stronger than any other thing... I've read bronze vol.9(guess it's the latest vol.). In this vol., Izumi got hit by a car, and it was set up by Koji's mad brother. I don't know Ozaki sensei will kill or resurrect Izumi..,but it seemed pretty much like a terrible accident,..blood all over the ground. Gee, this is the desperate love.. everytime I felt 'ok, they are in love now and finally peace came to their relationship', suddenly some terrible incident happens!! Ozaki sensei has the sense of developing the story so well..I mean so exciting and fearful. Anyway, this is just my thought, so if you felt disagree what I said here, I would feel sorry(^^;;) After all, each has his/her different point of view. Ok, this is end of my summary of Zetsuai1989/Bronze. Wanna try some nice/cool pics? Click on the pic below to enter the gallery!(Oh, many thanks to the zetsuai page makers whose pics are here on this site!^^)

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