G'day mates! Welcome to my website! I had started this website with the reason that I could share my interest with you guys and you could get to know me better.

It's always been my dream of taking good pictures and show it to others the fruit of my interest. Since I was a kid, I was really impressed by the good photographs people take and the cameras they have. My first camera was actually a Kodak Ektralite 400 which uses the small 24mm film cartridges which is quite difficult to find them now these days. I still had the model with me for old time sake. I still remember that i uses it on the school activities for some snapshots.

I purchased my very own first SLR camera on August 2000. Pentax MZ7 is the name and it comes with a 28-80mm 1:3.5~5.6 Pentax SMC Lens. It cost me a fortune but I never regret buying it. Since then, I always take my camera on a shooting fiesta whenever I have the time. Honestly, photography has changed my life and my opinion towards life. After indulging in photography, you must be wondering on how beautifully the world was created!

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

With this website, I wish, I could "pin up" all my photo shots in this website whenever I'm on a photography stint.

From Deric's Eyeview!

Come and enjoy the photographs which I have taken since getting my Pentax (Please view the pages with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels for optimum viewing):-

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