World Headfounders/Headfamilies Council, Inc.

International Grandmaster's Peer Group


The World Heafamilies/Headfounder's Council, Inc. is dedicated to the task of investigating and recognizing

qualified martial arts grandmasters.



  1. 1....INHERITORS
  3. 3....MASTERS



  1. 1....Must be over 35 years of age. *
  2. 2....Must present documented proof of inheritorship.
  3. 3....Must supply complete resume.
  4. 4....Must supply complete lineage chart of art inherited.
  5. 5....Must supply name and addresses of witnesses to the documentation presented.
  6. 6....Must agree to complete cooperation and assistance of a thorough background investigation.
  7. 7....Must agree to formally demonstrate / explain the art inherited before the WHC board of examiners.
  8. 8....Must agree to serve as a sponcer on the WHC board of directors.


  1. 1....Must be over 35years of age
  2. 2....Must have documented proof of 20 years or more in the martial arts. .. ( This means active study under high ranking instructor (s) )
  3. 3....Must be free from criminal record. ( * serious record )
  4. 4....Must have "earned through study" the rank of master ( 5th dan or equal ) in a valid martial art system with traceable lineage.
  5. 5....Must have also earned ( * not honorary or cross ranks !) the blackbelt rank in at least two ( 2 ) other valid martial arts. ( or equal !)
  6. 6....Must supply complete resume.
  7. 7....Must supply list of references to support claims.
  8. 8....Must agree to assist in background investigation of martial arts background.
  9. 9....Must agree to formally demonstrate / present new art before the board of examiners.
  10. 10....Must agree to be placed on two-year probationary period.
  11. 11....Must agree to accept the rank issued by the WHC board of directors.
  12. 12....Must agree to only advertise ranks and arts registered with the WHC, Inc. ( * note : WHC members are not permitted to break their arts into sun-branches and issue seperate ranks in these sub-branches. )
  13. 13....Must agree to only advertise grandmaster status in the art one earned a master ranking in (* note : The only way one can create a new branch / version of a martial art is by first mastering an existing art, then, using additional techniques, ideas, concepts found in the other two additional arts where blackbelts were earned, the person can then create a modified version of the art first mastered. )
  14. 14....Must agree to support the WHC is their activities.

The WHC, Inc. is not a diploma mill where anyone with no real experience can register a hybred version of several arts like judo, karate & grappling under some exotic name ! The ONLY way anyone can establish a new system is to have first mastered an existing one . ( it requires at least 20-years of study under a master to fully master a traditional martial art !)

This is why out of over 3000 applicants who applied for recognition of their system, less than twenty met the WHC minimum requirements.

Sadly ! Most of those applicants who applied and were refused recognition, turned-out to be self graded, had their students grade them or "bought" phoney certificates from one of the countless diploma mills which flourish around the world ( by selling worthless paper to dreamers and losers who simply lack the self discipline to study under a master instructor for twenty or more years to master their particular art !) !


  1. 1....Must be over 35 years of age
  2. 2....Must hold an "earned" master's ( 5th dan or equal ) rank in a valid martial art system.(cross or honorary ranks do not count )
  3. 3...Must not be involved with anyone who is "self graded"
  4. 4....Must be free from serious criminal record.


  1. 1....Must be "at least " 16 years of age.
  2. 2....Must hold an earned ( or honorary) blackbelt ( or equal ) in a valid martial art system.
  3. 3....Must not be involved with a martial art system whose leader is "self graded"or "self titled" .
  4. 4....Must be free from serious criminal record.


Anyone who holds a masters license ( 5th dan or equal) in a recognised martial arts system can apply for the WHC, Inc. apprentice program. They will be "sponcered" by one of the WHC recognised grandmasters with a system similar to the one they hold a master license in. ( and will be prepared for the position of grandmaster )  The "apprenticed" candidate will be trained in other systems to meet the required "extra" 2 blackbelt ranks.


In very unique and rare cases, martial artists who do not meet the minimum requirements, but, are recognised as a grandmaster or head of a system , style or large organization by the martial arts community due to their status and contribution to the profession, can be allowed membership with full recognition as a grandmaster in the WHC, Inc. ( These unique indeviduals would be over 50 years of age with a long martial arts history )

Note * To this date, nobody has yet to be "grandfathered" into the WHC, Inc. as a grandmaster. ( although it is possible in the future )

Anyone who would be grandfathered into the WHC must have approval of at least 75% of the members of the executive council.


Registration Fee ( masters & Blackbelt )............................................$50.00.

Application Fee ( for initial investigation)............................................$50.00

Recognition Fee ( grand-masters)........................................................$250.00

Note * When one first aplies for membership as a grandmaster , there is a $50.00 investigation fee to cover costs. (non - refundable )

Once the candidate has met the minimum requirements for recognition as a grandmaster, there is a one-time recognition / registration fee of $250.00.

For Masters and blackbelt tri-yearly registration / membership, there is a $50.00 fee

Apprenticed Grandmasters enter into a private contract with a sponcering grandmaster.


Since the WHC,Inc. was formulated in 1986, there have been exactly 3219 martial artists who applied for recognition and membership, and only slightly under 20 successfully met these very minmimum requirements as either a legal inherirtor or first generation founder of a legitimate martial art system.

Since the WHC, Inc. is totally unbiased, non-political and democratic, the only reason for refusing membership to any applicant is and has always been solely based on meeting our minimum requirements.

What seperates the WHC, Inc. from all other grandmasters governing bodies (using the term Soke or whatever) is that the WHC, Inc. was established to create a trully "elite" and very prestigious fellowship or peer group for that very small group of martial artists who have achieved the right to be called a "grandmaster" by their peers. ( which is why everyone must undergo a thorough background investigation to verify their ranks and backgrounds before they are accepted )

In an era where everyone "and their dog" in the martial arts uses titles like "doctor", "soke" "sigung", "master" and even "grandmaster", it is refreshing to know that the WHC, Inc. is the "only place" where qualifications is the " only way" to gain membership and the right to be called a "grandmaster"

Only the W.H.C., Inc. has an actual international background investigation board consisting of former police officers and their contacts which does a very strict and unbiased investigation of all applicants who apply ! ( which is why less than 1% of those applying are successful !)

Note : All members are required to only advertise their actual earned ranks during their two-year probationary period, after-which they will be issued the appropriate ranks signed by several members of the WHC executive council . ( These are based on age and experience )


December - 1996

Professor J.K.Yamaue: Professor Yamaue , a Shingon Priest from Tokyo, Japan, holds the rank of 10 th dan (Soke) in the Yamaue family style called Yamaue Aiki Budo which he inherited. ( his grandfather , Hisa Takuma, is one of only two persons awarded the full teachers licence from Soke Sogaku Misayoshi Minamoto Takeda in the 1100 - year old Daito-Ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Aiki - Budo system ) Yamaue Soke is 52 years of age !

Dr.Andrew Tamper, ScD,Sigung from Canton, Ohio heads the 500-year-old "hard style" version of the Yee Chong Mu Gow Kung Fu System he inherited.( The soft version was inherited by a bodyguard for Chiang Kai Shek of Formosa ) he is 80 - years of age !

Dr.Florendo Visitacion,10th Soke dan, ScD from New York, is the founder of "Vee Jutsu " ( Kuntao Arnis Jitsu) which include Filipino and Asian martial arts techniques ! He is 82 years of age

Soke Chas Gaven, 10th dan, from South Africa is the First Generation Founder of Gaven-Ryu Jujitsu (based on Kito-Ryu Jiu-jitsu and Judo) heads the South African Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Federation. He is 79 years of age

Professor Wally Jay , 10th dan Soke, ,From California, founder of Small Circle Jiu-Jitsu (considered as the "Father" of American Jiujitsu) He is 80 years of age.

Professor Toshio Kaneta ,9th dan Soke ,from Japan, Founder of Kaneta-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate (studied under many great Japanese karate masters for 40 years) he is 60 years of age.

Sigung Wai Ming Chau, from China, inheritor of the WU MUI kung fu system ! (the for runner of Wing Chun Kung Fu ) He is 50 years of age. ( now living in New York )

Dr. Karl Marx Jr. 10th Dan Soke, From California, founder of " Kurisu - Ryu Karate " ( grandson of Karl Marx, who founded "marxism") Clinical psychologist, he is 60 years of age.

Professor Emeric Arus, 10th Dan Soke , from Romania, founder of Sendo-Ryu Karate, He competed in two olympics (fencing & judo) he is 59 years of age. ( now living in Long Island,N.Y.)

Professor Thomas Burdine, 10th Dan Soke , from the USA, he founded Kokon-Ryu Aikido, studied Aikido, Karate & Judo in Japan, a retired police officer, he is 58 years of age.

Soke Dan Grady, 10th Dan Soke , from the USA, founded Christian Martial Arts, ( a minister) he has studied various martial arts for 40 years, he is 54 years of age.

Soke John Rubiano,9th Dan , from Rhode Island, founded Kokon-Ryu Kempo, He studied various martial art for 30 years, he is 46 years of age.

Dr.John J.Williams, 9th Dan , from Canada, founder of Saigo-Ha Takeda-Ryu Aikijujutsu & Kindai-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate, a former police instructor/officer & investigator, he is 56 years of age.

Professor Gary Dill, 10th Dan Soke from the USA, founder of Bushido Kempo, studied under James Lee (co-founder of Jeet Kune Do with Bruce Lee ) he is 46 years of age.

Professor Charles Stanley,9th Dan Soke from Virginia, founded a Kempo Karate system, He has decades of martial arts experience under his belt, he is 42 years of age.

Professor Clement Riedner, 10th Dan Soke from Michigan, founded Mikato Karate system, Baptist Minister, founder of World Soke Council, CBBF, he is 57 years of age.

Professor Rick Boyer , 10th Dan Soke from north Carolina, a veteran of over 35 years in the arts, trained under Soke Albert Church, founded Kindai-Ryu Kempo, a retired police officer he is 56 years of age

These are the ONLY people currently recognised as grandmasters by the WHC, Inc.


For more Information

Write to :

SokeThomas Burdine

(WHC President)

919 N. 12th St., Lafayette, IN. 47904, USA

phone # ( 317) 742-7224

Soke John Rubiano

(WHC Vice President)

#4 Simmons St., Providence, R.I. 02929, USA

Phone : (401) 943-2095

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