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Ami Mizuno/Amy Anderson

Birthday: September 10

Blood Type: A

Favourite Colour: Light blue (Aquamarine)

Favourite Foods: Sandwiches


Least Favourite Food: Yellow-tail tuna

Favourite Subject: Mathematics

Hobbies: Reading



Dislikes: Practical jokes, love letters

Favourite Animal: cat

Voice Actress: Hisakawa Aya (Karen Bernstein)

The Smartest, Cutest, & BEST senshi!

Here are some Ami Pics by my sister Ericka. Please visit her art gallery through the banner at the bottom of this page.

Ami Mizuno in her native Japanese version; Amy Anderson to a large cult fan base
in America & Canada is a character from the pages of Naoko Takeuchi's popular
manga, Sailor Moon. Ami is a fantastic scholar; she is the analytical character on Sailor
Moon, (it is once suggested that her I.Q. is 300), yet her appeal lies in much more than
her genius. It must, for her popularity is nearly universal. In countless surveys and numberless
polls, Ami ranks as smartest senshi, (of course), cutest senshi, and often favourite senshi.
This is just the beginning, however, for Ami's characteristic Virgo persistance finds
her situated comfortably at the top of many all-inclusive anime & manga polls as well!
She is undoubtedly a popular character in any sense, so what leads to her mass-appeal?
Well, the obvious cuteness factor is ever present. She is a kind soul, and her timid nature
radiates thoughtfulness, noticibly more so than many other characters. Many purists are
attracted to her intelligence, myself included. After all, this quality helps her to save the
Sailor Senshis time and time again in her alterego, Sailor Mercury.

Ami is an outstanding student in her second year of junior high, class 5. She attends Juuban
junior high (Crossroads J.H.) She lives in a mansion in Minato-ku with her mother.
Her parents are divorced, and she is an only child. Her mother is a doctor (Ami's aspiration
in life is to become a doctor like her mother), and her father is a painter. Ami is an introvert,
and when she is at home she is usually alone. Ami wishes she could own a cat, but her apartment
(a minor U.S. adjustment) won't allow it. Ami can identify with Usagi (Serena) better than the
other senshi because she understands what she is going through as an adolescent.


Ami's transformation pen Sailor Mercury Ami

Ami-chan's real first love!

The pressing question on everyone's mind is: Is Ami single? Well, anyone's free to speculate.
There is no concrete evidence of a love interest in Ami's life in the Japanese manga,
but the show is a different story.

Arguably the most celebrated character ever to grace Sailor Moon in proportion to his actual
relevence to the show is Urawa Ryu, or Greg in the US/Canada version.

In the show:

In the storyline, Urawa (Greg) is a relatively miniscule character. He appeared in only 2 episodes and was spoken of in another. This all happened in the late first season of Sailor Moon. Urawa was one of the seven nijizuishou (rainbow crystal carriers) . He had the ability to fortell the (sometimes undesirable) events of the future. When his crystal was taken by Zoicite, he transformed into Bumboo, a giant swiss army knife-themed monster. He of course was eventually cured by the sailor senshi. In his second (and presumably last) appearance, Urawa started the episode by calling Ami on the phone. (In the US/Canada version, Amy answered the phone with "Hello, Anderson residence", which makes her the first character in the DIC episodes who has the benefit of an established last name. The other is Ray Hino) An evil plan unfolded, and we got an encore presentation of the seven rainbow crystal-carriers.

Urawa Ryu

Greg (Urawa) is the vehicle through which the numerous and passionate Ami-fanatics can partially alleviate their anxieties about Ami not having a boyfriend. This is evident in many Greg-themed fan-fics. Some mutual attraction between Ami and Greg is undeniable. Those of us who have always questioned this possible romance would love to see Greg again, but unfortunately his life is now limited to fan-fics.
Synopsis of episode 27: The first episode with Urawa Ryo(Greg)
Synopsis of episode 41: The encore presentation of Urawa Ryo(Greg)

Now let us all pay homage to everyone's favorite psychic Ami lover.
Greg pic

Ami pic

Sailor Mercury links
Ami as an angel

A wonderful page about the planet Mercury!

Holst: The Planets
Suite for orchestra, Op. 32 (1916)

Mercury is a scherzo in 6/8, almost reminiscent in its delicacy of Mendelssohn at his lightest but without ever using his musical language of techniques. The messenger of the gods allows himself a brief rest before dashing off again, and his journey's end is marked (pizzicato double basses, staccato contrabassoon) with a deft flourish. -Robert Dearling

Mercury: The Winged Messenger

Mercury/Hermes info
Question & Answer

Q: Why is Sailor Mercury so blue?

A: Sailor Mercury's predisposition toward blue garments, hair color, etc. can be explained several different ways. One popular and simple theory is that Sailor Mercury's attacks are water-oriented. Thus, the blue. Also, this helps explain the red Sailor Mars for fire, the green Sailor Jupiter for wood & thunder, etc. Another hypothesis deals with Virgo, Sailor Mercury's sign. Blue is sometimes documented as being the color of Virgo. In other publications, however, Virgo rules over yellow, brown, and even red. Due to this inconsistancy, I personally prefer the former explanation. It can also serve to explain Sailor Neptune's blue locks.

Q: Why is Ami's birthday September 10th?

A: Mercury rules two zodiac signs: Gemini, and Virgo. Planet Mercury, which rules over mental acuity and logic, is said to be "exhalted" in Virgo. This means that everything Mercury stands for best matches everything Virgo stands for (logic, perseverence, intelligence, etc.), as opposed to the other signs. Gemini leans toward Mercury's airy, creative side. September 10th is a "rising sign" for Virgo. This means that a regular Virgo born on a day who's rising sign is also Virgo will follow a totally traditional description of Virgos, and will not be "influenced by other planets." Virgos are traditionally introverts, hard workers, and are very intelligent. They are known for constantly psychoanylizing others.

Q: Why does Sailor Mercury attack with a lyre?

A:The Homeric hymn to Hermes tells of the first day of Mercury's life in which he made the first lyre known to man out of a tortoise shell he came across.

This shrine was created by one of the biggest Ami Mizuno fans out there, Paige K. Howarth. Please E-mail me with any and all comments and corrections you may have!
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