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Great Japanese movie featuring Miho Nakayama, Miki Sakai, Toyokawa Etsushi, and Kashiwabara Takashi. This web site collects all the URL which relates to this movie. Enjoy!!


Arisa Mizuki, Yuki Uchida, and Namie Amuro are three of my favorite Japanese female stars. They are HOT in Japan right now!! Being one of their countless fans around the world, I have spend significant amount of time on collecting their pictures from the web. After renaming and selecting the best of them, now I can proudly present TheGirls in front of YA!! Enjoy!!

Do you like JPOP music? They are the best!!! Using RealAudio 3.0 (or up) to listen full length hits from my favorite JPOP groups. Featuring DREAMS COME TRUE, PUFFY, and My Little Lover.

JPOPonly - JPOP MIDI World
Depends on the quality of your hardwares, midi can be either WOW or SUCK. However, programs like YAMAHA S-YG20 Player can enhance its here are some cool midis of my favorite JPOP artists. Featuring Mr. Children, trf, DREAMS COME TRUE, and B'z. (If possible, you should download the player first.) ENJOY!!

CJTV.....the coolest site ever!!! The design of the Hi? homepage is mostly based on the format of CJTV's homepage. They are the best! Visit it to discover the cool Japan culture!!

A very nice site with lots nice + cool artworks. Designed by the president of NCTU Anime Club.

Want to explore the world of beautiful Japanese girls? Here they have a complete URL collection of the famous girls in Japan.... here you go!!

This is a great resource of internet applications. Here you can find the latest free internet applications avaible on the net.

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