Arunee Amanda Lee Chotanaporn Kohl

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The Thai temple for which I was named

My favorite fruit:

The rambutan is a small, globe-shaped, red-skinned fruit with hairlike protrusions. It is a close relative of the lychee, and its flesh is translucent, sweet, and succulent. The rambutan is still best known in Southeast Asia, and most production and trade are concentrated there.

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  • My trip to Thailand

    I returned to the States in March of 1998 after spending about 6 months with my father's family in Thailand. I met many relatives. All of them were very kind to me. The language barrier was frustrating at times. I would like to have a better handle on the language before I go again, but even if I don't it would be worth it to see my aunt, uncle and cousins again as well as the other Thai relatives and the friends I made while I was there. This trip made me feel very American. There's nothing like spending time outside your own country to make you realize how much you are a product of your home.

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