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Slowly, but surely, our page is growing!

Hey, Priya, why don't we introduce ourselves?

...Anyway, I'm Kristi, and the other person working on this page is Priya ...You'll get to know us quite well...(mysterious music!)

Actually, Priya just had another thought.

Saitou: Ah! Art thou my ponytailed goddess?
Battousai: .....
Saitou: I would date with you! ...after I show you the power of my Gatotsu.
Battousai: You are scary.

( If that didn't make any sense, Saitou's seiyuu also does the voice of Kuno-sempai in Ranma 1/2. Of course, Soujirou's seiyuu does the voice of Akane, but that's another weird story in and of itself ^^ )

There's our Fushigi Yuugi Page Aiya. This page is so far from being "under construction" that it's not funny. I think the Shrine to the Almighty Chicken of Doom has turned into a monstrosity. Did you know we have copycat webmasters now? O.o
On a better note, be sure to check out our nifty Kouji Shrine! Or you will suffer the consequences! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Or go to our nifty ANIME/MANGA DATING SERVICE! It is also seriously under construction...but we're working on it... Heck...We're even accepting APPLICANTS! Sorry guys - this hasn't been updated in a very long time...Sooner or later I'll get around to revamping it. Give me a few weeks - I want to surprise Priya with the new look!

Priya took down the Outer Senshi shrine a while ago. ( Um, if you noticed. ^_- ) It'll go back up, soon, with scans and stuff. ^_^

Or if neither of those things suit your fancy, you can try our nifty Malachite Shrine!

On the same vein, Seijuro Hiko now has a shrine! Seijuro Hiko is one of the characters from Kenshin that we like so much...Maybe if we bug Priya enough she might get around to putting up a Saitou shrine... ^_^

Actually, now Priya has put up a page of Kenshin scans . They're from manga volumes 18 and 21, but there are only a few spoilers. I recomend that you do NOT look at the Tomoe scans if you do not know who Tomoe is. They're at the very bottom of the page, so you've been warned.

Soon, we might have a Bastard!! or a Kenshin page. We'll figure it out soon. ^_^
Kristi says : I'm up for a Bastard!! page. I've got 17 volumes of the manga - might as well put a page up. ^_^

And here's an article about the future of manga and anime in Hollywood.

More Useless Links to follow. Stay tuned.

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