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This is my first homepage. It's more like a bookmark for myself with a lot of different stuff in here. But I'm sure you'll find them interesting.

New Tabo page!
My new Minna No Tabo homepage is finally out!! Everything there is about Tabo!! It'll be updated from time to time. Bookmark it and visit frequently to keep update with Tabo!

Last update: September 30, 1998.

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Thanx for visiting! O genki desuka??
A Promise To Your Friend!
I got this cool url from my ICQ friend. I love it so much that I want to share with you people out there!
Do check it out. If you like it, send it to your friends too!

The Little Corner of Winnie The Pooh
Another good friendship page!!

Links - Tabo's Choice!!

tabo9The Snoopy Happy Meal Hit!
tabo8Growth chart of my Tamagotchi and AngelgotchiAngelgotchi Page
That's how my Tamagotchi and Angelgotchi grow! If you want to know why Tamagotchi and Angelgotchi came to earth, you can find out the answer in the comic section!! Click on Angelgotchi to enter Angelgotchi Zone! There are Angelgotchi pictures inside.

tabo1The University that I'm attending now - Simon Fraser University
It's a beautiful university in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.
You can enjoy the blue sky, the hills, the trees, the nature... when you are having lunch with your friends in the cafeteria. Isn't that wonderful!
I like this school very much. The study environment is great! Also, I've made a lot of good friends there!

tabo0My Beloved School - Marymount Secondary School
A very "elegant" school built with red bricks. That's where I spent the 7 happiest years in my life! (Yes, secondary schools in Hong Kong are from Form 1 to Form 7, one year more than most high schools of other countries.) I missed my teachers and collegues soooooo much!
If it happens that you are from MSS or have any relations to it, PLEASE drop me an e-mail! I'd like to have some recent news of MSS...
Click here to go to the World Alumni Net of MSS

My favorite children's magazine (wow... McMug ar!!) - Yellow Bus
yellow bus


  1. HAMMER's Page hamster

    Visit HAMMER's Page!
    Hammer and "Siu Ham Ham" are my pet hamsters.
    There are some pictures inside, if you are a hamster-lover or you like small animals, you should go in and have a look!
    There are links to other hamster pages too!!

  2. McMug

    Mcmug is a comic character that's "Made in Hong Kong". When it was first created, it was just a pet PIG of Yuen Yuen and Da Da. Now, it is a pig with it's unique way of thinking. With it's cousin, Mcdull, they bring a lot of fun and happiness to the kids that like them. And adults, too!!

    Mcmug and Mcdull can also be found at Yellow Bus, a monthly children's magazine.
    Pics(pigs...) & other Mcmug's sites!

  3. About Tabo

    Do you know that Tabo'a birthday is May 5, which is Children's Day in Japan?? Goto Tabo's Profile and know more about him!!
    Tabo's Profile tabo

  4. Tabo's History

    A little history of Tabo tabo tabo

  5. Tabo and Friends

    Pictures of Tabo's Friends & Family tabo 
& friends

  6. Tabo Icons

    Icons I've made some Tabo icons myself, feel free to download them if you like them. These are icons for Webmasters and also Windows desktop. If you have time, send me a mail and tell me how you like those icons!

    Also, here goes some Tabo Prince pictures! prince


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The World of Sanrio!
Lot's of Sanrio links, including the Official Sanrio homepage!!

A page full of links to Electronic Cards pages


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