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SailorMoon is a Japanese manga created by Naoko Takeuchi. The comics are translated into Mandarin and distributed in Singapore since 1995. TCS had stop broadcasting the series after the 1st season. There are all together 5 seasons : SailorMoon, SailorMoon R, SailorMoon S, SailorMoon SuperS and SailorStars. The television series of SailorStars showing in Japan ended on 8th of February. The last episode is number 200. Manga #18 is the last book.
if anyone out there knows that when is the comic PQ angels coming to S'pore or is here already....pls pls tell me where i can find them..chinese/jap version.....thanx :)

The Senshi Seasons

SailorMoon ( 1st season )

SailorMoon R ( 2nd season )

SailorMoon S ( 3rd Season )

SailorMoon SuperS ( 4th season )

SailorMoon SailorStars ( 5th Season )

The Senshis
Come here to find out more about the characters in Sailormoon......

The Senshi Lyrics
This is where you can find the SailorMoon song lyrics. When you know the lyrics, you can sing-a-long with the song the next time you hear it.

The Senshi Links
This is where you can find links to other anime homepages on the web. If you want your page to be added here, mail me your URL n a banner or picture to represent your homepage. Thanx n enjoy. ^_-

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