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Welcome. Here you'lll find latest reviews of top import games. Game Shark codes. MP3 music. Articles and much more. Enjoy.

Still Constructing

Kyo & Iori from KoF '98Welcome. I am Manaf and I will be maintaining this site. I with the help of my colleages shall bring you the latest news and reviews of video games. Focusing mainly at PSX (playstation). Game Sharks is our speciality. we will often post new "Treasure Island" specific codes. also if you can't see the code you wan't, we might be able to make it for you. Multimedia fans have an assortment of MP3 files, wallpapers and more.

What can you find here.

In the Media section you can find various Anime and Videogame MP3's. I will try to add on new game music as much as I can in the space provided. Also you can find wallpapers & MS Plus themes.

In the Reviews section you can find Square's "Chocobo Racing", SNK's new "King of Fighters '98" and "Rollcage".

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