In Indonesia we were able to see a few places. We stayed in Blitar( East Java). From here we went to see Sucarno’s grave(the first president) This is also the city where we got married. The people here are very friendly. There is a wide range of music there, from traditional Indonesian to reggae and pop. On TV you can find the X-Files, Indian movies, Chinese Kung- fu, CNN and Indonesian soaps. Some of them have never seen tourist, or six foot one black people. The food in this part of Java and can range from common chicken sate to intestines, brains, and tendons. The cost of things are cheap. You can get a good meal with two or three dollars(the exchange rate was 1US to 2,230 r).


Mount Bromo

There are 17 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Dancers at the wedding

Various pictures

Sukarno,s Tomb is very impressive. It also has a beautiful garden.

Rice field

Popoh Beach has the rocky coves on one part, and a sand covered fishing ove.

Bali Stone sculptures

Popoh Beach in Java

Pura Temple in Bali...Pura Temple is located over looking a volcano crater(last eruption about 5 years ago). It does have a few rules legs must be covered, if not a yellow surong, can be rented. Also women who are menstruating can not enter.

My Indonesian Wedding pictures


A great place to eat in Washington DC
Cafe Asia(Exotic Asian Restaurant & Sushi Bar)
1134 19th st


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