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1. Your Page above all else must have the Cabbit Madness Code fragment.

2. Your Page must have a minimum of three Cabbit images to qualify (that may include the background)

3. Your Page must be complete and work properly (We must be able to view your page). If it doesn't, you will remain in the queue or be placed back in the queue until you notify us that it is working.

That's all, and we Welcome all new Cabbit Madness Webring members.

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  • Now that you've been added to the queue...
    go and get the Cabbit Madess Code Fragment for your page (and download a image too.)

  •'ve got the Cabbit Madness code fragment in your page. Now what do I do...?

  • Last step, I promise, just email a member of the Cabbit Madness Webring... Here are people who maintain this site they will gladly check your site and add you to the webring:

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  • Mr. Blue
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    Note that the ring images are copyrighted. If you plan to use them elsewhere, you must have a link to this site and/or a line ring images by Yang Heng Siou (ysiou@Hawaii.Edu).

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