Kendappa's First Homepage

 Click here to EMAIL me!!   Konnichiwa!!  Welcome to my humble page enshrined to Kendappa and all (ok, most!) things CLAMP!  Originally I planned to just create a simple page devoted to the least noticed character in RG-Veda, Kendappa-chan!   But along the way, this page became more of a CLAMP image gallery than a page devoted to Kendappa.. ^^;;;   What can you expect from this page?  Well, for starters, I'm finally going to write up a simple bio. on Kendappa.  The remainder of the page will be devoted to various scans from CLAMP works, particularly RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, and X.  Eventually I will put up scans of miscellaneous titles such as Wish, and Clover.  There won't be anything on Rayearth here because there are tons available all over the net, with much better quality scans than I can ever provide. ^^;;;  Please click on Kendappa to EMAIL me!!

All about me!  Spoiler warnings!!  Finally!!  A page devoted to me, me, me!!  Enough about the tear-jerking relationship between Ashura and Yasha!  No more about the naughty love scenes between Ashura-oh and Taishakuten... Now the spotlight belongs to me, me, me!!   Eeyah-hahahahahhah!!  Click on me and Ai-zen!
UNFORTUNATELY the page hasn't been finished...  NANI???!!  ~_~

Gallery of CLAMP pics and more!!   Ahh, Yasha looks uncomfortable posing for pictures, ne?  ^0^   For more pictures of me, Yasha, and everyone else, just click on the bashful looking Yasha..!  Of course there are nice photos of me and Sohma too!! ^_^

 I don't believe it!  FANs were bored enough to have visited my page..
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