is coming to town

Some of you might wonders, "who in the world is Nick???" Well sometimes he goes by the nick "Loverguys." Does that ring the bell?? Yup.. That's him. Now he is in Thailand. So all the girls better watch-out.

The trip was a blast for Nick!!! Everyone was excited and "Sanuk Hay Har" I have no clue of the time and date he arrived Bangkok. Could someone kindly enough tell me? Thanx :)

Nick didn't stay long in Bkk but he did spend a looong 6 boring hours at the airport with his friends whom he never meet before (could you imagine that). hehehe :).. See the picture for yourself.

Everybody say "Cheese :)-" Snap.... Oh no RED EYES
Seed, Wawa, Yai, Nonnie, ??, Nick

Oh Nonnie, wud u duing??? ^*^ :P

Nick!!! Don't let Bobi caught you flirting with other gals ok
Bobi is far left of the pic

You will be jealous of this lucky guy!!!
Nonnie, ???, Wawa, Seed

Something sweet is happening between these two!!!

Yat : please don't be rough on Nick. His my lover.. hehe :)

Hey!!! This pic is not suppose to be here naah mhuk

A pretty boring pic.

More boring pic.

After his lonnnngg 6 hours transit, his next flight was to Northern part of Thailand. Everybody said bye to each other and tears were running on everyone cheek.
But there is no doubt that they will meet again.
Good Luck Nick