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**Note: In the next few weeks I am going to be drastically changing this page. 
It will have a whole new look, and some definately new content. I haven't had much time 
to update this in months, due to my new responsibilities of being a Geocities Community Leader.
This page will soon be a Character Index, full of shrines to each individual character from 
Animes that I watch (ex. AMG, Sailor Moon, Ranma, NGE, etc, etc). Each Shrine will be full of 
images, sounds, fanfiction, info, and other wonderful goodies. They will be simaler to my Azusa
page, but more complete. This will take me a while, but I hope to be able to compile a few of these 
shrines in a few weeks, and put them up. The new archive resulting from this will be called:
The Anime Character Compendium Thank you for your patience, and thank you for visiting!! 
Come back soon!!** 

Hi!! Welcome to my page!! I have just gotten time to edit my page, so
I should have lots of new stuff coming soon! As always, there is plenty of links
and fanfiction, all pertaining to Sailor Moon. Soon, I will have a Ranma 1/2 page
up and running, so check back soon!! Thanks!! 
If you want to submit any links or FanFic (NO HENTAI) just press  here
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My FanFic archive yay!! I got a couple new fanfictions! Come on in, and read 'em! My Linx Page Tons and Tons of Links!! My New Azusa Shrine! My Shrine to the Most Kawaii Character in Ranma 1/2, Azusa Shiratori!

COMING SOON!!! Soon, I am gonna have the following things up and ready... 1. A Ranma 1/2 Links and Fanfiction page...just like this one 2. My OWN fanfiction for y'all to read 3. several shrines, on Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 4. and Screen Shots and scanned images from different Anime series. Cool huh? Keep on checking back!!

Here are all the Web Rings I belong to. Gee, there's a lot!!

1996 christina

All the backgrounds, on all my pages are done by Infinite Fish I really Like thier stuff! If you have a homepage, check it out!! Oh yeah, this background is called Cosmic Gears Thanks Infinite Fish!

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