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Well that may be a bit of an exageration, but I have been sampleing in a varity of sounds off of my MKR tapes to try to get a good collection of random sounds for used in a rayearth doom WAD I am building.

First I want to extend a great thanks to the person who allowed me to make this web page! maray@edgenet.net If you like my page you should send him a message saying thanks! And Visit his web page! A link is at the bottem of this page!

At the request of members of the rayearth mailing list I am makeing the sound files accessable here on this web page. There are two copies of each file (unless I run out of space or happened to have deleted on of the recorings). The first is recorded at 48000 16 bit, the second is either that sound converted down to 11025 8 bit or the same sound re-recorded at that level depending on how well the sound downgraded. Some of the sounds have had some noise reduction done on them to try to remove static and in some cases I even tried to remove the background music. This has had varing success, mostly resulting in some of the sounds to be a bit metalic sounding. If anyone has a method for eleminating background music without this effect please tell me.

All these sounds will be compressed waves. The may play through netscape but will not play streight from windows. (unless you have special decompresser loaded, which I cannot find at the moment) If you want to make these usable go get Cool Edit from the links below and you can convert them to Windows Wav files. I needed to change the format so that they all would fit on this page. Sorry for the inconveance. The size in bytes is given in the parentheses

Enough talk... Here are the sounds.


New Sounds

I only have a sound blaster pro currently so i cannot make 16 bit sounds. So all these sounds are only not 8 bits.

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