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This pic is credited to: Pzario, Son of Flogpoo, Keeper of the Seven Keys of Tfivinen 4.

Alright, so I'm a bloody image thief. This will change as soon as I can con Laugh to loan me his Snappy Adaptor, so I capture my own.

Alright, let's get the nasty over with before the good stuff. (Business before pleasure, if ya catch me.)

This page is mostly hosted by Geocities, where web pages don't cost you a thing, except your soul, firstborn, and possibly blood if you want to have the /~membername thing. (Just kidding censor dudes!)

A lot of these images came from the Pizza Cats fans I hang with on IRC at port 7000. This place is pretty cool, so, if it's Anime chat you want, look here first!

Hey, on a personal note, my favorite Radio station is 105.7 The Peak, Spokane, CDA. Go to thier web-page and look for Downz Stairz. It has a few neat things in it.

Phew, that was MESSY, but now it's done, so let's get to the good part of the page!

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What's New:

July 16, 1997: I changed the graphics, and I'm updating the Question of the *feh* week. ANSWER THIS ONE, MORTALS!

June 24, 1997: I posted the page. Now silence, mortals!

June 22, 1997: Well, I finally got my fat lazy potato of a self working on this page, and I say, it's pretty good for half an hours work an HTML document, and less for the images. The question *WILL* be updated every week, if I get good counter pings. Speaking of counters, I have to find one, don't I? Oh well... another project, right?

More stuff to come... don't worry.