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Welcome to my ANIME PAGE

Just what the hell is anime, well click here.
Oh for all of you that care here's my picture
Again for all of you that care my stand on hentai

This is an animated version of me. I am the Imperial Mistress of the Dark Worlds. How did I come about? Click here

Some of my favourite Anime right now are:

I've just started to get into the manga scene. I really like CLAMPS's stuff, X, Magic Knights, RG Veda and Tokyo Babylon. I also own some Gunsmith Cats Manga.

cute anime guys
Isamu Dyson Shrine

Please take the time to visit the YAMA page. An Anime Club created by myself, Wendy Wellington, and Ben Kong. You can email us at yama@yucc.yorku.ca.

York University Anime and Manga Association

As you can see this page changes constantly. I'm a gemini and my need for change is tremendous, so I'll often be changing background, bullets, bars, etc periodically.

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Hey!! Don't be shy, mail me any comments or suggestions, or even if you would like to say hi, I return all mail:)

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