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This little corner of my page is dedicated to cute anime guys. Yes, I do realize that they are only drawing, but that cannot stop them from being pretty damn cute. Reality and make believe are not blurred in my world. Anyways on with the list:

If it is by some act of god that you happen to look like any of the above anime characters, please feel free to email me, as I would love to get to know you better! ^-^ It's a joke if you can't tell

Note: All Fushigi Yuugi pics came from here!
All Kenshin pics came from here and here
All MKR pics came from here
ALL RG VEDA pics came from here and here
ALL Ninja Scroll pics came from here
VofE pics came from here and here
X pics came from here
Jojo's pics came from here
Ryouga pic came from here
Kuno pic came from here

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