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Here are a few bits of wisdom from our all-knowing spanish teacher, Dr. Willey. If any of you have any quotes to add to this list, please Email Kimmee And also mention when & why he said the quote. If you submit a quote we'll add your name to the list at the bottom of this page! The quotes with * before them are ones he said in Spain.

Onto other Doc-related topics, click here to find the current Price Of Tea In China!!!

Anywho, Here's The Current List:

"Shut Up O'Dell!" 8-27-96
"Sit Down O'Dell!" 10-7-96
*"I Don't Give A Fiddler's F*** What You Do!"
"Couldn't Never Did A Thing." 10-8-96
"Miss Erreca, Go Home And Read The Story Of The Little Train That Could" 10-8-96
"Gibson, If You Want To Sit Down And Contemplate Your Navel Until You're 65, That's Perfectly Fine!" 10-9-96
"Fight Against Your Nature Ladies, I Know It's Tough, But Do It Anyways!"
"Majadero" [fool] what doc thinks of O'Dell 10-9-96
"What Am I Running Back There, A Bed And Breakfast?" 11-14-96
"Too Complecated For You? Give Me A Break!" 11-21-96
"He Croaked" [doc on the ending of Marcelino Pan Y Vino] 11-25-96
"Please Do!" 12-4-96
"Kind - Go Find A New Birth!" 12-4-96
"I Wouldn't Ride The Rooters Bus If The Pope Was On It!" [doc's response to being asked if he would ride the bus with us to an out of town football game] 12-5-96
"Isn't It Wonderfull How I Know These Things?" 12-9-96
"Oh Yes, I Weep Copious Tears Every Day When I Go Home." [doc on whether he missed O'Dell or not] 12-12-96
"I Don't Care!"
"It's Not 3 After Yet!" [what doc tells us seniors every day when we ask to get out for lunch early] 12-12-96
"You Got It Babes" 12-13-96
"Gibson, What's With You And Your Big Mouth?" 12-17-96
"Gibson, You're Absolutely Sick - Mentally Deranged!" 12-18-96
"Gibson, You Make A Better Door Than A Window" 1-10-96
"Erreca, You Look Like That Lady Astronaut On TV Last Night!" [doc on Erreca's new haircut] 1-14-97
"Cut It Out! Knock It Off!" 1-24-97
"Is That Enough To Keep You Busy?" 2-6-96
"tsss . . tsss . . I Want It Quiet Please!"
"Gibson, Is Your Rib Attatched To Andrew's?" 2-19-97
"Do You Think You Could Get Andrew To Serve Your Detention?" 2-19-97
"What Does That Have To Do With The Price Of Tea In China?"
"Must Have Been Written By A Disciple Of Hearn" 2-26-97
"Oh, You're A Touchy Little Feely Kissy Handsy Footsy Learner" 2-27-97
"When The Bishop Stuck Out His Ring For Me To Kiss I Said, 'Yeah! Fat Chance!'" 2-27-97
"You'll Become A Delightful Skeptic Yet!" 2-27-97
"Life Is Unfair" 4-1-97
"I Haven't Heard Anything Ring Yet!"
"That Has Nothing To Do With The Price Of Tea In China" 4-1-97
"This Went Over Your Head And Out The Door Five Minutes Ago!"
"O'Dell, You Do Have Occasional Flashes Of Brilliance, Don't You?" 4-8-97
"That's What Happens When You Get Older, Your Mind Is The First To Go." 4-9-97
"Gibson, I Can Just See How You Work On Andrew! Whine, Whine, Whine And Then You Get What You Want!" 4-9-97
"You'll Learn Life Is Unfair When You Get Out Of This Catholic Womb" 5-2-97
"You're Just Like Every Member Of Your Gender Miss Gibson, You Can't Let A Dead Dog Lie." 5-2-97
"Why Don't You Conserve Energy And Use Your Pencil Instead Of Your Mouth?"
"It's Funny How The Blind Lead The Blind In Here"
"How'd You Get That, Pray Tell?!"
"I Don't Care If You're Contemplating The Lint In Your Navel"
"Of You Can Find A Professor Or A Professorette That Cares Whether You're There Or Not, I'll Take Them Out To Dinner . . . My Money Is Pretty Safe" 4-23-97
"Because Isn't A Reason!" 4-23-97
"Your Parents Send You Here To Garces So You Won't Be With Gang Bangers" 4-23-97
"Now What Do You Have In Your Mouth Ms. Attaran? If I Catch You With It Again, I'm Gonna Nail You To The Wall!" 4-23-97

Special Thanks In Collecting These Quotes Goes Out To: Kimmee's Classmates, Who Created The Situations In Which Doc Said These Quotes - *Mandy Gibson*Scott Killen*Steven O'Dell*Warner Kind*Renee Erreca and *Andrew Chi.
Other Contributors: *Kirsten Finberg*Sharmin Attaran*Flori Asejo

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