hi everyone. i've decided to let this page die . . . i won't be editing it anymore and i wont be adding anything or fixing broken links. the only reason why i'm leaving it up is because of all the work i put into it. you can visit my new page at members.xoom.com/kimmeebaby/index.html. so have fun in the bath while you still can, until geocities deletes it. :-)

Ukyou (Kim) & Akane (Jill)'s HomePage!

That's not Ukyou & Akane, you say? Click on the pic . . .

Welcome to Ukyou & Akane's bath!

You never know what you might find floating around in here!

Come on in, and join us. If you're not into that kind of thing, feel free to just dip your toes in. ;-) This page is about some of the remarkable similarities between real life & Ranma 1/2. What is Ranma 1/2? We'd tell you, but there are thousands of more pages out there which are probably more qualified to tell you. So if you don't know what Ranma 1/2 is, just smile, pretend that you know, & please, pass the soap.

P-chan! What are you doing in our bath? Oh, he wants to give you the 411 on us; & tell you who we are, & who we're like! If you don't know who Ukyou & Akane are, but know who Kim and/or Jill are, stop here first! [01*10*98]

Take a peek at Kimmee's favorite Ranma 1/2 pics -this page takes a while to load, and is not recommended for Ranma 1/2 virgins...

Oops! Ukyou must have dropped her spatulas while looking at The Photo Albulm - see a few pix of us & a hella interesting pic of "The Spice Girls" [01*10*98]

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas must have dropped this Santa Claus hat in here! He can give you a few quotes from quotes The Book of Doc [quotes from our insane Spanish teacher] This page now contains the ACTUAL PRICE OF TEA IN CHINA!

Oh Geez, that toilet paper must be for the Things That Suck [01*26*98]

How did that Panda get in here? First a pig, now a panda?? This is the last time we're taking a cold bath!! That panda must be trying to get on Angie, Jill, and Kim's list of Guys To Marry

Is coffee the single most important beverage in your life? Consider Chef Boyardee "real food"? You must be in college! Here's a list of ways when you know you're in college. . . [01*28*98]

Rings & Such - web rings that we belong to! Get linked to other pages that have something in common with ours!

Leaving so soon? Well, here are a few Ukyou & Akane approved directions [links] for you to float off to.

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