Jill, Angie, and Kim's list of:

Guys To Marry

(listed in no particular order)

Matt Lunsford
Jon Estay
David Letterman
Mike Myers
Harry Connick Jr.
JFK Jr. ;-p oh yeah
Dustin Ramos (& Chris Ramos)
Efrain Viveros
Bill Bellamy
John Stockton
Grant Hill
Jason Kidd
Tiger Woods
Brandon Lee
Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan
Ranma Saotome
Nicholas Cage
Bruce Willis
Tyson Beckford
Antonio Sabato Jr.
*David Duchovny*
Harrison Ford
Robert Redford
Mel Gibson
Tom Cruise
LL Cool J
Matthew Broderick
Beilke Bartocomous (bronson pinchot)
Will Smith
Val Kilmer
Brad Pitt
The Chollo In Black
Sean Connery
Leonardo DiCaprio
Chris O'Donnell
Niles Crane [from Frasier]
Jon Bialek
Adam Sandler
Craig Bennetts
Mr. Bean

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