Ok, I am doing some more work to this because it was a little bad...so, I will list the options on what is in it ok? The current version for download is Version 3.0, all files are included. Some video cards might need driver updates (A Diamond Stealth 2 will ned driver updates if it is bought more then 6 months ago.) So download it, I plan on cleaning it up soon! Ok? Thanks.
For a little about how to use it, the fserve is easy to use, just point and click.  To install it, right click in the channel you want it in, go to install fserve and click on yours, advertising is done the same way, but you can tell what it is.  To use the nick list option, just press f12 untill you get to the name, or enter the first letter, then press f12 untill you get to it? Ok? Thanks. Laters all.
 Concentric V3.0 -- Don't download, I need to break up the files, Geocities doesn't like me :(
many poeple have been here and looked at he page!
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