Welcome, I decided to make this a bit smaller font and a bit more oriented. Now see, I hate Metallica, I always did. That crappy Metal sound just doesn't hit anything for me. They started a band that never did need to happen. Just look at them, a bunch of crack heads, it's wrong I tell ya, it's all wrong. See, I listen to Techno like Chemical Brothers and Prodgy (See, I did catch that mistake thanks to one person.) to name a few, and sometimes Primus and Beastie Boys. Metallica? I think not. Most of the music is not like what the previous album was like. They should be more concistent with their own kind of music that they claim that they made popular. You may ask why pick on just one band? Well...


So there :P As I get more time, I will be adding more to this page. So...If you agree, hell even if you disagree, you may e-mail me at this address.. ryooki@execpc.com

Thank you!

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