Okay, so I made this temporary site in ITGS class, way the hell back in 1997.
  It totally sucked, mostly because I made it in MS Publisher. It did the job, though, with its crappy latin filler text. It was even on search engines for a good long while. Quasi-lost friends even found me just by googling (HotBoting? Yahooing?) my name.
  Well, I'm a real Einstein, 'cause I just overwrote the stupid file. Have you ever heard of making sure you're uploading files to the correct subdirectory and not the root? Apparently I haven't.
  Oh, wait. know what I just remembered? archive.org. Help me out guys, I've really done it this time....
  And let us close with the taken-completely-out-of-context-line that got me found way back when:
  Enjoy the Latin Adam.
  EDIT: I found the old file. Enjoy. But don't use the email. I haven't used it since 1997. 1