Coming soon I will host a web page for both of John Woo's and Chow Yun Fat's best movies. The Killer and Hard Boiled. Right now nothing is done except for a little work I've done on Hard Boiled. For a look at one of my best pages go to my Martin Scorsese web page. If you like what you see there than keep coming back here.
For those of you wondering why I moved to GeoCities it's because of the ability to host a web page while I move servers. I always loved both Hard Boiled and The Killer but have not had the time until recently to fix it up. That lead to a dilemma. Should I delete my CYH and JW pages? Well, the movies are much to good to let them go to waste so I moved here. A place where I can continue to develop my pages and add to them while I change ISP's.