This pages contents is mainly manga/amnie pictures of all kind.. sweet, violent, sexy. You name it..
it has been my hobby for a little while to collect manga pictures. in the future you should be able
to see some new pics every week. I have included some links to other manga pages on the net. there
will be more stuff on this site soon. Later you are going find some other manga related stuff here as well.
like textfiles and etc.
Ok but enough talk lets get down to why you are here. simply to
download or view some cool manga pictures.. so here are this weeks pictures.

none of these pics are currently avalible.. Bubbelgu.gif (640x480x8bpp)
Halfmn09.gif (640x415x8bpp)
Skuld-L1.jpg (533x768x24bpp)
Lai09.gif (640x415x8bpp)
Juri64.gif (640x415x8bpp)
Janki01.gif (432x415x8bpp)
Yma05.jpg (640x480x24bpp)

Next week there will be seven new fresh manga pics here..

sorry this site is under construction

This will soon be avaible!

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