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一個有關gigi 的故事, 而結局由大家決定...
"The pledge of age 16" which gladly invites the popular youth idols Gigi Leung and Daniel Chan to be the personas. The tale is presented by a series of love letters which mention how the pledge was made between Gigi and Daniel. Its ending is determined by the audience.

梁 詠 琪 最 新 國 語 大 碟 洗 臉 已 經 有 得 買 啦 !!
想 睇 gigi 洗 臉 或 者 想 試 聽 洗臉 , 請 按 一 按
左 面 將 相 .
若 果 想 睇 gigi o既 o野, 可 以 按 一 按 右 面 將 相

Creamy Mami is a popular Cartoon in Hong Kong
If you also like her, press the left photo to see her songs and introduction.

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