All MUSHers will find this highly amusing.

This is a list of my ever-changing MU* Character List. Some of them belong to Anime MU*'s, but most are Pern Alts. Because I'm often bored, I made a page where you can see the Firelizards that I have. It's even been updated lately! Yay!

Active Characters

Neo SilverMoon MUX

Shijin MUX
    Ailis, Zodiac Juuniiseishi, Cancer.
Elsemu* MUSH
    Ethan, Violinist and Book Store Owner.

Belior Rising MUSH

    Hayoga, Resident at Oriel Outpost.

Forgotten Weyrs MUSH

    Jerekan, Assistant Steward at No Weyr.
    Kairiss, Vintnercraft Sr. Apprentice at Forsaken Hold.

FrostFire MUSH

    J'kan, Weyrleader with Cloisonne Jewelled Bronze Anceth at Starmount Weyr.
    Sanos, Master MindHealer at Azov Weyr.

Ierne Island MUSH

    Míko, Rider of Brown Eshoth at Ierne Weyr.

Red Star MUSH

    Míkai, Quickfire Wingleader with Regal Bronze Tenseith at Ista Weyr.

Shards MUSH

    Aikan, Journeyman Harper posted at High Reaches Hold.
    Areru, Cook at High Reaches Weyr.

Silver Skies MUSH
    H'ron, Weyrling to Bronze Gawaith at Monaco Weyr.


    J'rel, Forgetfull Rider of Desert Oasis Brown Nionth at Southern Weyr.

Third Rock MUSH

    J'dan, Assistant Weyrlingmaster with Blue Wiysath at Igen Weyr.
    Halsian, Herblore Master and Retired Craftsecond of the Healer Variety.

Under Dragons Wings MUSH

    Nobara, Apprentice at the Tannercraft Hall.

Not-So-Active Characters

DragonTrekAnime MUSH

    Airashi, Idol singer and Sailor Venus.
    Hidama, Idol singer and Sailor StarFighter.

Forgotten Weyrs MUSH

    C'den, Rider of Rich Tapestry Green Ilexth at Who Knows Weyr.

Hatching Sands MUX

    J'len, Weyrling to Powder Blue Aijoth at DawnStar WeyrHold.

Third Rock MUSH

    Apollonia, Harper Apprentice at Ista's Harper Healer Hall.
    Isarna, Child at Keroon Hold.

Shards MUSH

    J'rin, Assistant Weyrlingmaster with Blue Wysperth at High Reaches Weyr.

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September 20, 1998

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