Josh's Lisa Loeb Page

Welcome to Josh's Lisa Loeb Page. As you can see, there's not much here. I'm a big Lisa fan but I guess I'm just a bigger Faye fan. Anyway...

On Saturday, November 29, 1997, Lisa was in Toronto for the grand opening of another HMV music store at 50 Bloor Street West. On that afternoon, Lisa performed a set of songs from her new "Firecracker" album and from her debut album "Tails" as well. Lisa was funny and witty throughout the performance. Afterwards, she held an autograph signing session and when it was my turn, Lisa was shocked to see that I had brought my "Stay" EP to get signed. I must have been the only one who had brought that CD to get signed that day. She was probably surprised to see "a blast from the past" of herself. I promise to one day post some pics from the autograph signing online (including one of me and Lisa) but for now, enjoy the autograph I got.

  • Can you read the cryptic message that Lisa wrote for me? She wrote, "To Josh! Stay (I Missed You). Love Lisa." Okay Lisa, I will, just for you. :)

  • A scan of the free promotional "Firecracker" postcards that they were giving away at the autograph signing.

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