March 18, 1998

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Dear web browsers,

I found myself to be too busy to maintain my current homepage (because of school etc.). Because of that, I've been considering to completely shut down my homepage, then create a whole new homepage that doesn't require frequent updates (it will be more like good-ol' information kinda site). Of course it won't be soon enough since the school is not over yet, but hey, summer is comin'! Summer holiday is the perfect time to build up the new homepage.

If you'd like to take over, and maintain the content of my homepage on your own, please contact me at marah@oocities.com.

(September 10, 1997): Done with the soundtracks list !!! Now I'm trying to figure out what goodies I should put in these pages ^_^.....Well, keep rolling your votes !

(September 26, 1997): College days are starting to cool off and the exams are over, so that I can sit in the front of the computer and start updating again :-)! Okay, I updated couple off stuffs (you'll notice by the updated date shown for each category below), and put links to 2 anime directors in the best artwork category. The links are about the interview of them (Oshii Mamori and Shouji Kawori) who directed anime masterpieces such as Ghost in The Shell & Macross Plus. They're not from my site links, but I think they would be very interesting for you who wants to know about the "behind-the-scene" concepts about their works. Hope you enjoy them and roll your votes!

(September 30, 1997): Updated couple of lists below (you'll notice them by the updating date). Enjoy !!

(October 14, 1997): Updated the Favorite Anime Guys list.

(October 15, 1997): Updated bunch of stuffs :-). Please take a look !

(October 16, 1997): I puted a VOTING FUNDAMENTAL below:

(November 27, 1997): I finally have time to update the homepage ! Happy Thanksgiving everyone ! I'll start updating it as soon as possible.

If you have voted before and wanna vote again, then there's no restriction to do so. Go ahead ^_^


I've never thought how these votings actually brings the impression to (at least) the net users who has browsed and read all of these lists, until someone (which his name is remained secret ^_^) emailed me and asked : "I want to vote for Ghost in The Shell and Akira (Why in the heck is it down there in the list ?)". Well come on, I (and I'm sure that others do) know that Ghost In The Shell and Akira deserve more than being down ranked. They're decently animated, provokative, and possibly being one of the best animes out there !! But why are they under the ranks ? The answer is simple :


So how do we lift up the rank ? Of course by getting more vote. Getting the votes depends on what each individual has watched (hey, I haven't even watch Bubblegum Crisis !!) and what they think about. And please don't forget that they also have DIFFERENT OPINIONS. People votes for what they think are the best. If they think Clamp is the best, so they'll go for Clamp. If they feel like Sailormoon should be in the first rank, then they'll vote for it. Hey, Some people says that the best anime is Sailormoon, and others say it's the suckiest anime!! So what's the point of voting ? The purpose of voting is not just to know which animes are the best (at least to what we think), but also possibly the most popular. (Hm, maybe I should change the titles into "The Most Popular anime" ^_^ ). So what I'd like to say that being under the rank doesn't mean they're totally worthless to watch. They just don't have enough "support" to lift them up. That's why please if you're voting for something, vote for things that you think are THE BEST in your point of view. Hey, if there're only 10 people (in these world) watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, its rank might be under the bottom ^_^ !!

Start your votes !! Vote your most favorite anime stuffs based on categories below. We'll announce you the results on the survey lists (updated almost everyday).

Favorite Animes
on October 15, 1997

The list of most favorite
anime titles choosen by
people on the net !
Favorite Anime's Guys
on October 15, 1997

Favorite Anime's Girls
on October 15, 1997

Allen of Escaflowne
Best Animation Artwork
on October 15, 1997

First Watched Anime
on October 15, 1997

Best Character Design
on October 15, 1997

The Best Anime Soundtracks
on October 15, 1997

The Best Anime Endings
on September 30, 1997

Check This Out !!

Do you have any imagination, wish, hallucination, dream etc. related to Anime ? Then check this out !! You can write anything you've ever dream of relating to Anime here, then the result will be displayed later on the I WISH... LIST. For instance:
I wish Ayukawa (on "Kimagure Orange Road") would be my girl friend..... Now you can EXPRESS YOUR SELF !!

on October 15, 1997

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