Vietnamese Software

BulletVietnamese Professional Society (Ho^.i Chuye^n Gia Vie^.t Nam) - Free Vietnamese Software. These software are in zip files, so you have to download Ezip (free to unzip only), UnZip 5.31 (free), or WinZip (shareware) to unzip them.
BulletTrichlor - Free Vietnamese Software.
BulletVNI Software - Vietnamese shareware. A place where you can find the software that let you type real Vietnamese characters in email and view all Vietnamese websites.
Bullet WVN7TO8 - A software that let you view VIQR websites in real Vietnamese characters.
BulletVietMate - You can view (VIQR) Vietnamese webpages in real Vietnamese characters from here.


Vietnamese Music

Bullet ROCK BANDQuang Le's Entertainment Center - I love the music and singers' pictures in this website.
Bullet Khanh Ha - For those who like Kha'nh Ha`, a Vietnamese singer.
Bullet My Huyen's Fan Homepage - Listen to My~ Huye^`n's sweet voice and song.
Bullet Audio - There are a lot of great songs. If you want to download Real Audio Video Player, check My Huyen's Fan Homepage.
Bullet Trang Vu's Nhu Quynh Collection - Check out this Nhu+ Quy`nh picture gallery.
Bullet Index of Vietnamese Singers' Pictures - Cool Vietnamese singers's picture gallery .
Bullet VietPic - Tra^`n Quo^'c Ba?o's Vietnamese singers' picture gallery.
Bullet Thanh Ha's Fan Club - Thanh Ha` pictures only.


Other Vietnamese Links

Bullet The Vietnam Multimedia Archive - Beautiful pictures of Vietnam landscapes, history, art, monument, and so on.
Bullet Que^ Vie^.t Gallery - Explore Hoa`ng Kha?i Nha^n's gallery to see more beautiful Vietnamese pictures.
Bullet Vietscape - Wonderful pictures and descriptions of Vietnamese singers and landscapes.
Bullet Va(n Ho.c Nghe^. Thua^.t (Arts And Literary Review) - Vietnamese literature, music, poetry, and art. You can also download Real Audio Player from here.
Bullet Saigon Net - Get in this site if you are looking for electronic cards and friendship.
Bullet Viet San Diego - A large collection of Vietnam news.
Bullet Vietnam Online - Chat line and friend club.
Bullet VietPage - E-cards, chat room, Vietnamese information search engine, news, and entertainment.
Bullet VietWeb - Another great website.
Bullet Vietspace - A very useful website.
Bullet A^u Co+ Organization - Get free software here.
Bullet Ve^` Nguo^`n - An interesting site for young Vietnamese.
Bullet VN Soft - Free email and homepage hosting.
Bullet WWW Virtual Library Vietnam - A giant collection about Vietnam. It may take you a whole day to explore everything from this website.
Bullet Viet's World - A large collection of Vietnamese personal homepages.
Bullet Vietnam Resources Center - There are a lot of useful Vietnamese resources in this homepage.
Bullet Vietnam Online - This made-in-Vietnam webpage is new and beautiful.
Bullet Xu+' Vie^.t - Chatroom, peotry, games, news, worldwide friendship, and learning center.

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