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This page is, like all other, always under construction. As I am a true SAILORMOON fans, this page will be all about it. Please note that this is in future tense. So visit here often and get the latest update on SAILORMOON the way, people came here before you (just for your interest).

Basically, SAILORMOON is the story of a fourteen-year-old (Usagi) who discovers that she is the keeper of justice -- Sailormoon. She makes friends with four other girls who turn out to be part of the Sailorteam :
Ami -- Sailormercury
Rei -- Sailormars
Makoto -- Sailorjupiter
Minako -- Sailorvenus(in that order)

There are, in total, 5 series:
Sailormoon Sailormoon R Sailormoon S Sailormmon SS Sailormoon Stars

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