The Moonlight Knight and Aino Minako13's FORMER Hompepage

Hi, I'm Aino Minako13. This page was co-owned by The Moonlight Knight. This Page hasn't been worked on for over a year, so I thought it only fair to tell you, since some IDIOTS *like those people at the
Evergchanging Sailor Moon Gateway, hint hint* seem to think that it is STILL up! I like to think our pages have gotten better! They yelled and cussed us out in an email (which you can read here) for uploading information from their page on our site!

1st of all, it was the 1st site i ever made. 2nd of all, if the net was reliable and people never took their pages down, then i wouldn't have to upload their stuff onto my pages now would I? 3rd of all, if they had asked nice I would have given them credit. 4th of all, they threatened to tell Geocities! Excuse me, but I am not breaking any geocities rules, and if they take this account away I have all the right i need to sue them for it. They offer free pages to everyone, and in taking away that privilege, they are denying me something "everyone" is supposed to get. I am not breaking any of geocities rules!

Ne-ways, I took the site down so you don't have to be subjected to the awful thing, I am sick of getting e-mails from people who think I am still working on this damn thing. You all who flamed me for a page I don't work on really look stupid now! If you would like to see some of my newer work, I have made a shrine to the Black Moon, I felt there were too many Sailor Venus fan clubs on the net, and mine could never compare!

You know, those Amazoness Quartet people who flame pages, they're total bitches! They say they hate webrings, and then they go and make up one of their own! They're such hypocrites! Sailor Moon fans are supposed to support each other, not flame each other! they could learn a lot from Project HELP! That's for sure! They don't even update their page periodically! I find the whole damn thing stupid! and who is to think I was also the owner of a very popular page by looking at my 1st try? Do you write well the 1st time you try? Do you skate well the 1st time? NO! You need practice! I admit even now my new page isn't even close to professional, but that doesn't mean people should criticize me for it! They should support me and tell me nicely what they would change!

And just for the record, this person must be a kid, He/She/It used "You're" instead of "your" for the subject of the e-mail that he sent to The Moonlight Knight when he cussed him out! Come on, if you're gonna cuss someone out you might as well use proper English! And there are FAR more important things in life than having something borrowed off your fucking webpage! You should see it as encouragement, that someone likes what you're doing and wants to imitate you!!! Like this pic of the Moonlight Knight, I skanned the image myself off a card, and Moonlight Knight made it into a transparent gif. Many people have stolen it, but big deal! Who cares? We need more pics of MLK on the net anyways!

Ok! I have lots more to say but I think I better leave it at that, If you actually liked my old homepage, which many of you didnt, The Moonlight Knight and I have a new shrine to the Black Moon. The address is here (on my personal ip server)

The Ayakashi Sisters' Great Gallery of Images

Its always under construction, and its not the best page in the world, but hey its mine, and if you're going to make comments at least try to have some respect, ok? It is a collection of pics I have made and have found surfing on the net. As it says on the front page, " If you see an image already on this page that is yours, and you would like credit for it, just tell me." Not hard! see? Just email me! very simple, ne? =) Some people are very lucky I give credit! After some of the awful e-mails I have gotten from them! People need to read before they start yelling! Well I am done rambling for now. Ja ne Minna!

The Email
(If you agree with me, feel free to e-mail this person all you want, In fact, as long as you're at it, send me a copy too ^-^;)
Subject:"You're site is long gone"

HEY YOU! Yeah that's right you lying brat! You and your gay boyfriend don't have to steal off of other pages! Damnit! It's faggots like you're pathetic bodies that harrass others. The everchanging sailormoon gateway is about to shutdown thanks to morons like you..ALSO, you're site has been nominated manymanymany times for the aquartet worst site of the sicken me, you little freak....I'd have a different opinion on disgust this flame all you want, you'll be embarrassing'll be reported to geocities as well..I'd watch it if I were you (thank god I ain't)..I'm telling you...Change the DUB page OR AT LEAST CREDIT THE RIGHTFUL AUTHOR..DONT STEAL THE DAMN CREDITS! GEEZ!


PS: FWD this to your moronic girlfriend, ainominako13 you sad worm...


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