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Welcome to Bean's Hompage

"Dark Schneider"
Ah...Bean... I see you have learned well..


"click pic to visit Dark's Page"

heh's a couple of my good friends (g)

Cat Sisters

"Hey, Bean Honey..(purr) Click on us for Bean's favorite anime site, and start your journey into Bean's Mon Mon Candy Experience Tour...(purrrr)"
Yo...Bean here.. looks like you found my hideout.
Some people call me a villain..(darn Percy) but I'm just a man looking for the right amount of money ...heh heh. Now, my partner Rally and I, well, we do what we gotta do.
The money is just an ...incentive...heh heh
One thing.. don't you
Talk about my car....(seems to growl under his breath)
You can catch me on Neo-Tokyo Muck just hanging around.

Here's some pages I have decided are good to visit...(takes a drink of his beer).

bp.gif Links to Bean's sites on the Web

Anime web Turnpike
The Usual Restaurant Main Branch
Neko-con Anime convention? I'm there..
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku's Anime Page...nice kid (g)
Rally's World of Gunsmith Cats
Minnie Ryo's page
Alyx's Page (Great Place)


So far of you found Bean's hideout!