Blackwater USA Tactical has come across some valuable training material. The tactical information contained in the following tutorials should be viewed with priority.

*Note: Right-click, select copy url, & paste into a non-corp browser. Blackwater USA Communications Division cannot justify the fiscal expenditure to support streaming video.

Core Skills for all Pilots

Blackwater USA Tactical has expended extensive time and resources in optimizing our pilot training programs. Depending on the individual's specialization, there are numerous paths to follow...

Path to Learning
  1. Learning to 4
  2. Analytical Mind to 4
  3. Instant Recall to 4

Core Skills for a Strong Pilot
  • Engineering 5 - to maximize the power core.
  • Electronics 5 - to maximize the CPU.
  • Energy Management 5 - to maximize the capacitor capacity.
  • Energy Systems Operation 5 - to maximize the rate at which the capacitor recharges.
  • Energy Grid Upgrades 5 - to reduce the CPU requirements of installing power modules.
  • Mechanic 5 - To maximize hull strength.
  • Shield Management 5 - to maximize shield capacity.
  • Shield Operation 5 - to maximize the rate at which the shield recharges.
  • Hull Upgrade 5 - To maximize armor strength.
  • Repair Systems 4 - To be able to operate the best armor and hull repair modules.