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Welcome to Haleysan's

A special Memorial Page for Haley

O-hayo gozaimasu Konnichi Kombanwa
( Good Morning ) ( Good Afternoon ) ( Good Evening )

Japanese Woman I welcome you to Japan no matter when you have arrived.Hello everyone and thank you for coming by. My name is Haleysan and I am here to be your tour guide on a short tour of Japan. I hope you enjoy your visit.

My home away from home, Japan

JP Flag
JP Flag
Map of Japan

Let the tour begin

Being the proper and generous hostess that I am I will let you decide where to start your stroll through Japan. Please click on the place you would like to visit first. Thank-you and enjoy your tour.

Festivals, Landmarks and a
little about me

Festival BonadoriFestival MikoshiFestival Otsukimi
Diachiji GardenMt. FujiHimeji Castle
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Feel free to search throught Japan for your own sites of interest.

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As this page grows I will be adding more photographs of festivals and any other celebrations or landmarks I take you on tours of. If you ever have the opportunity to spend any time in Japan during these or any other festival the time you spend you will not regret. They are fun and very interesting ways of learning of the history and people of the Japan I now call home.

Well thank you very much for spending the time to go on my tour of Japan. I know it is fairly small as of yet but I am new to this and it will grow quickly so check back often. I Hope you enjoyed your visit and please sign the guest book on the way out to let me know what you thought, Thanks and hope to see you soon.

You are the much appreciated visitor #

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