i know we have made you fill up forms, but now they decided to do things this way - could all singaporeans, please delete the whole message but the form and fill it up and forward it to lindsay.tan@kcl.ac.uk who is the society secretary... thank you. audrey

Welcome back to UK! Hope you had a wonderful and refreshing Summer. I'm sure most of you have already settled in comfortably. A few of you have previously raised some queries on the registration procedure with Contact Singapore of the Singapore High Commission for your Singaporean members. Contact Singapore keeps an extensive database of all Singaporean students in the UK. The availability of such information is essential as there has been cases of parents, relatives or friends calling up CS requesting help to contact certain student in the UK for urgent matters. As such, it is the individual student's responsibility to update any change in the information held by CS, and I hope the various SSAs/MSSAs can facilitate this process.

At the start of each academic year, each Society is required to provide CS with particulars of their members. As CS distributes grants according to the number of the Singaporean students in each Society, this list will also enable CS to work out the amount of grant that each Society will receive. The list will also be used for other allocation purposes, like Sing Nite ticket allocation. As such, all Presidents/Representatives are to advised treat this matter seriously. In previous years, the registration has been done through filling in forms. This had resulted in huge amount of clerical work for the under-staffed CS. Thus from this year, all Societies will be sending in information on soft copy. I understand that some of the universities have email programme that doesn't accept attachments. CS will be sending you a floppy diskette with the template if this is the case.

The database that CS is using is Microsoft Access 97. For those who require other versions, ie. Excel 97/Excel 95, please let me know so that necessary arrangements can be made. Otherwise, all societies are encouraged to submit their registration in Microsoft Access 97.

A template is attached with this mail. In summary, the particulars required are:




UK Residential Address

UK Telephone Number(s)

Singapore Address

Singapore Telephone Number(s)

Year of birth

Passport Number

Institution of Study

Title of Qualification

Expected Major Subject(s)

Sponsor (if any)

Year of Admission

Year of Expected Completion

Last Institution Attended

Title of Past Qualification

Name of Next of Kin

NOK Address

NOK Telephone Number(s)

Relationship to Student