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Hello, welcome to the home of the Imperium Silver Crystal Ring of the Moon, Imperium Silver Crystal Ring or ISCR for short. We will refer to our ring as ISCR throughout this page. This RING is dedicated to those Moonies who have exceptionally good pages, those who have great pics, information, or pages that just look GOOD. Whoever is accepted to this ring can consider themselves VERY good little HTML people.

There will be ten Moonies to take care of this ring. The Inner Scouts will be the main group, and the Outer Scouts will scout for good web pages, information, pics, etc. when they can. The one who creates this page, myself, is Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars are taken. The countdown the page grows, scout availability diminishes.... We are currently accepting applicants for the other 7 Scouts, and possibly Luna, Darien, and Artemis. (Just because the pics are not on the page doesn't mean that you can't have that scout.)

The ISCR sincerley supports SOS, the Support Our Sailors Page, and if you haven't done so already, go sign the online petition.

The background of this page is black because Sailor Moon has been cancelled.

So, what are we looking for in a web page? Well, most of the links and pictures must work (we realize that no one is perfect and that you may have just not realized it doesn't work). We are also looking for pages that have a nice style to them, in other words they aren't thrown together with good links but look bad. Also, that the page isn't just a takeoff of someone else's work. We also require that you list the ring somewhere on your page, and a link to the SOS page. We hope this ring will become one of the main spots for Sailor Moon fans as they search for pictures, sounds, movies, and information.

Well, that's basically it. Submit your page, and you will be entered in the Queue, then mail one of our Scouts, who will add you to the ring!

Alright, I hope you won't be upset to hear this, but here goes... A great many of you belong to multiple SM Rings all over the web. I do too, but not more than 4...I mean come on, I have seen pages with 8 or 9 of them on it. I personally have never used the Ring of Power, SM Ring of Love and Justice, etc, etc...but I _do_ use this one. I would like to ask that you belong to only 4 rings, including this one: SM Ring of Power, SM Ring of Friendship, and Moon Kingdom Society Ring...since those were among the first, and others were not. The reason for this is because a lot of pages have on their main page the 8 or 9 takes away from the main page. If you want to keep your rings intact, then please, make a seperate page for them if you have more than 4? Something like Rings.html or something... That's it!

To submit your page:

Your homepage's URL:
Your homepage's title:
Password: This allows you to change your info, do not lose it!

This will place you in the queue. Then one of the Scouts will add you.

Once your are placed into the Ring, you should add the html for the ring somewhere on your page. To do so, go here: html.

She is responsible for maintaining this web page.

Position unknown as of yet.

She holds a vast gallery of Sailor Moon pictures. It is located here: Raye's Gallery

She is responsible for surfing the web for possible members.

This Imperium Silver Crystal Ring
site is owned by Serena.

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