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Stuff About Me

Where did this era of insanity begin? A long time ago. Well, okay, not all that long ago. Around May 12, 1980, in a place called Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Holly Pratt was born. Whatever a coincidence it was, she was born in General Hospital. (No kidding, that was the name.) From there, her dad's military career moved her to Phoenix, Arizona, and then on to Seoul, Korea. In Korea, Holly learned of Voltron, Robotech, and other nifty animes. Then, she was transported to New Mexico and, while there, discovered guys. After 5 years, she was moved to Panama City, Florida, the coolest place in Florida. She took up drawing sketches and watching such cartoons as Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. She also saw Power Rangers and could not believe the level of sucking the first shows achieved. Although she was stuck in a private Christian school and forced to behave, she went wild when she graduated from there as an eighth grader. On a crazy January night before that, however, she went with her brother to Chuck E. Cheese's and met the coolest person she was ever to meet in her life, Kevin Bruner. She did not know that at the time. A year later, while talking to a friend during lunch, her brother reintroduced her to Kevin. He got her started watching Sailor Moon (original version), Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim, and several other spinifty cartoons. She saw that they were awesome. After only six years in Panama City, she was, again, forced to move. This time, to Orlando. Now, she spends her time thinking about her beloved Panama City, drawing Korean anime, chatting in Tokyo, and writing letters & stories. She doesn't know exactly what she's going to do after high school, but wants to do something with television, animating, or writing.


Well, she moved again, but this time it was back to her beloved Panama City. Now, since she can never win, she misses her best friends in Orlando: Amber Matyra, Mary Phish, Joe, & Bryan Brat. But, she is happy to be back with her old friends. She's not obsessed with Kevin anymore, he's more after a girl named Julie, but Holly has a new guy. But, fortunately, she will graduate at her old high school, Rutherford. And that is the rest of the story, Good day!

End of line.

Yet another update.

On her 21st birthday, (May 12, 2001 she met a wonderful guy while still trying to get rid of exboyfriend that wouldn't admit it was over. Went on some dates with new guy, David, had wonderful time. Exboyfriend's present was a smack across her face, to this day he denies it and says she "walked into his swinging hand" Whatever. Anyway, David, wonderful guy married Holly November 17, 2001 and son, Justice was born March 8, 2002. Since then, David has gone active duty Army and both have moved to Virginia. Holly likes this place ok, but it's difficult right now with David being gone. He was deployed a month ago to be gone for six months in the middle East. He will be back soon and will have a wonderful homecoming.

      Okay, once again the Army lied. David was gone for a full year, our second son, Trevor was 4 months old when he finally met his daddy. He has been home for a full year now, and we will be moving to Germany in October. I'm looking forward to the move, and this story of course, will be ongoing. :)

To Be Continued...

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